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CHG Low Lead K16 Product Line
CHG Low Lead K16 Product Line

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CHG Low Lead K16 Product Line

Items in CHG Low Lead K16 Product Line

CHG K13-B014-3 DR TOP-LINE Pre-rinse Kit 8'' OC Wall Mount.


CHG K16-00400081 K16/K17 Series Nylon Washers


CHG K16-0100 Multi Unit Power Adapt


CHG K16-0110-Q Replacement SANIGUARD Mixer Handle Kit


CHG K16-01620009 Supply Hose Stainless Steel K16/K17


CHG K16-01628014 SS Supply Hose For K16/K17-9000


CHG K16-01708017 In-line Filter K16/K17


CHG K16-03000004 Solenoid K16/K17


CHG K16-X000 Spout Assy 3'' K16/K17 Series


CHG K16-X002 Spout Assy 6'' K16/K17 Series


CHG K16-X002-6X8 6'' X 8'' Gooseneck Spout For K16/K17


CHG K16-X0066 Swivel Spout Assyy For K16/K17


CHG K160202802706 K16/K17 Series Control Box Assy


CHG K160202807406 K16/K17 Series PCB Board