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CP-45, professional pipe cutter cuts pvc pipe 3-45m/m alum Body


CP-65, PVC Pipe Cutter, cups up to 2'' Sch 40 PVC (2 1/2'' OD)


CP42, PVC Pipe Cutter, Cuts 1” to 1 1/4” OD


CP42-1, Replacement Blade for C42 PVC Cutter


CP50-1, Replacement Blade


CP63-1, Replacement Blade for CP-63 PVC cutter


CP63A, PVC Pipe cutter single Hand 2 1/2'' capacity


CP63A-1, Replacement Blade for CP63A


CP65-1, Replacement Blade for CP-65 PVC pipe cutter


CP9-1, Replacement Blade for CP9 PVC Cutter


CS-36, wire cable saw (3 wire line included)

Call 855-289-8721 for Price

CSP-105, Compression Sleeve Puller


DA125M, Drum Auger 1/4'' x 25 ft.


DA125P, Power Drum Auger. 1/4'' x 25 ft.


DT100, De-burring Tool, Plastic Body, with Replacement Blade


DT100-1, Replacement Blade for De-burring Tool, Bulk


DT100-1PB, Replacement Blade for De-burring Tool, 5 per Poly Bag


DT200P, Deburring Tool, For I.D. and O.D., 3/16'' - 1 1/2'' O.D.


DT300, De-Burring Tool, Aluminum Body,


J1010, Power Jaws, 1 1/2” Jaw Capacity, 10” length


J1014, Power Jaws, 2 1/2” Jaw Capacity, 14” length


MCP110, Cartridge Puller for use on Moen Cartridges


NE-167, Nipple Extractor 1/8''-1/4''-3/8''-1/2''-5/8'' - 3/4'' I


Zurn P6000-KWIK-TURN
Guide Wrench


PW70, P.O. Plug Wrench


SC-10, Marble-dark gray w/lte gray & gold etc.


SC-102, Spuc Chuck / Nipple Extractor 1'' - 2'' capacity.


TC-50, auto pipe cutter size for 15mm od Tube, Plastic Body


TC-75, auto pipe cutter size for 3/4'' 22mm od Tube, Plastic Bod

Call 855-289-8721 for Price

TC1021, Mini Tube Cutter, with Rollers


TC1025, Tube Cutter


TC1127, Tin Sheet Cutter


TC50-1, Replacement cutting wheel for TC50 and TC75


TCR100, Ratchet Motion Tubing Cutter


TCR155, Tubing Cutter, 2 in one spring loaded mechanism, 1/4'' -


TCR155-1, Replacement Blade for TCR155


TFR-30BULK, Toilet Flange Repair (BULK)



$24.96/PACK ($2.08/Each)

Big Foot Floor Cover Plate
(3 Pack)

$31.17/PACK ($10.39/Each)

Hard Big Foot Floor Stabilizer (2 Pack)

$31.96/PACK ($15.98/Each)

Soft Big Foot Floor Stabilizer (2 Pack)

$31.96/PACK ($15.98/Each)

Anchor Flange Spanner
(8 Pack)

$24.80/PACK ($3.10/Each)