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Universal Flappers
Universal Flappers

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Universal Flappers

Items in Universal Flappers

Coast* "Blue Flapper" with chain, TPR, 53366* (12 Pack)

$14.40/PACK ($1.20/Each)

Coast* "Blue Flapper" with Rat Tail Pull, TPR, 53396*
(12 Pack)

$12.60/PACK ($1.05/Each)

Korky* Red Toilet Flapper (12 Pack) replaces 2001bp*

$25.56/PACK ($2.13/Each)

Miser* Adjustable flush Flapper (6 Pack) Miser* Flapper, replaces 579513

$23.70/PACK ($3.95/Each)

Coast* Blue Flapper with Baffles, TPR, 53438* (6 pack)

$24.90/PACK ($4.15/Each)

Flusher Fix-it Kit (6 Pack)

$19.98/PACK ($3.33/Each)