CHG Top-Line ABS Rotary Drains - Sink Mate

  • NFS Listed
  • CSA and ANSI Certified
  • Economical Solid ABS plastic
  • Exposed areas stainless steel clad
  • Chrome plated, twist lock removable beehive crumb cup prevents clogging and ensures continuous water flow.
  • Chemicla resistant Celcon seals elimate costly replacement of o-rings and conventional gaskets.
  • Fits standard 3-1/2" sink opening.
  • Full opeining ball valve allows access for snaking or plunging from sink top eliminates costly service calls.
  • Solid stainless steel remote handle assembly for smooth, easy operation.
  • Unaffected by today's harsh cleaning chemicals.
  • Universal body provides both 2" and 1-1/2" waste outlet connection and can instantly convert to accept an overflow assembly, eliminating double inventories.
  • Unique body style provides fast installation from sink top.
  • Remote operation safely permits sink to drain while protecting operatiors hands from harmful broken glass, sharp knives and utensils, preplaces conventional basket drains.
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