Leonard 3800-VBD-CWH Cabinet Mounted Assembly

Inlets 3/4''
Outlet 3/4''
Weight (pounds) 125

Stainless Steel Exposed Cabinet STSYL-EXP
Chrome Plated Finish CP
Rough Bronze Finish RF
Viewport in Cabinet Door VIEW
Manual Condensate Drain SCD
Stainless Steel Mounting Plate SWPLT

Cabinet Mounted Assembly 3800-VBD-CWH

• Steam is instantly shut down upon water supply failure
• Two stop and check valves with color coded heat-resistant handles, and all stainless steel internal components.
• Interior stainless steel control assembly
• Manually adjustable temperature
• Outlet dial thermometer (20 to 240°F, -5 to 115°C)
• Backflow preventer with hose connection
• Stainless steel hose rack
• Maximum pressure 125 PSI (860 KPA)
• Maximum operating temperature 200°F (93°C)
• Recessed stainless steel cabinet with hinged doorand lock, #4 finish, top inlets

Genuine Leonard Valve Product.

Order minimum must be $125 to ship from the factory.
Must meet requirements to ship from factory. Items that ship from the Leonard factory ship within a week and a half to two weeks from order date except when purchasing a special order item. Special order shipping times vary in delivery times.

**Freight charges will apply for all Complete Valve Systems**
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