Leonard 6704 Pressure Balanced Shower/Bath Combination

Inlets 1/2''
Outlet 1/2''
Maximum Flow(GPM) 6 GPM

ASSE 1016
City of Los Angeles (Valve Only)
CSA B-125

Pressure Balanced Shower/Bath Combination 6704

The Advantage® 6700-F valve, D-1 diverter spout with twin el, D-2L inline diverter with lever handle, H-03 shower head (2.5 GPM), 500P hand shower (2.0 GPM) 69" hose, double check valve backflow preventer

Genuine Leonard Valve Product.

Order minimum must be $125 to ship from the factory.
Must meet requirements to ship from factory. Items that ship from the Leonard factory ship within a week and a half to two weeks from order date except when purchasing a special order item. Special order shipping times vary in delivery times.

**Freight charges will apply for all Complete Valve Systems**
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