Leonard Model-XL82-LF Wax Lead Free Complete Water Temp Control

Inlets 1''
Outlet 1-1/4''
Minimum Flow (GPM) 1
Maximum Flow (GPM) 61
Overall Width 34''
Overall Height 50''
Overall Depth 10''

ASSE 1017 (Valve Only)
Lead Free

Wax Lead Free Complete Water Temperature Control Station Model XL82-LF

1'' bottom inlets, 1 ¼'' top outlet connection (copper tube) ¾'' return line size with piping method #W. Locking temperature regulating handle set for Full port ball valve, pressure gauge on mixed water outlet piping of mixing valve. Dial thermometer and pressure gauge on mixed water outlet of the system. Outlet Test Connection with ball valve and ¾'' hose connection with cap. Inlet piping manifold with full port ball valves and dial thermometers on supply inlets. Return piping, ¾'', with aquastat, circulator, dial thermometer balancing valve(with positive shutoff) to balance system, and check valve Aquastat, Circulator wiring box to include a GFCI switch, red and green lights. The GFCI switch will be used to turn the circulator on or off for setup. Bypass piping, ¾'', with check valve and isolation ball valve to cold inlet of mixing valve System mounted on strut, galvanized. Factory pre-assembled and tested as a complete system

Genuine Leonard Valve Product.

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