Leonard SS-PAM-200/3ISA-D2L-2H-44 Wall Mounted Shower ADA 2 Shower

Inlets 1/2''

ASSE 1016 (Valve Only)

Integral stainless steel extension to ceiling, specify length VX

Wall Mounted Shower System, ADA Compliant with 2 Shower Heads SS-PAM-200/3ISA-D2L-2H-44

PAM-II, pressure-actuated shower mixer, integral checkstops
Flexible connections on inlets.
Adjustable high temperature limit stop set for 110¢XF* (43¢XC)
D-2L inline diverter valve
(2) H-06 institutional shower heads, 2.5 GPM (95 l/min.) max.

*NOTE: A limit stop, set for 110„aF (43„aC), is simply a mechanical setting to prevent excessive handle rotation. If incoming water is hotter than 135„aF (57„aC), the temperature of the factory test, the valve when turned to full HOT may deliver water in excess of 110„aF and the limit stop MUST BE RESET BY THE INSTALLER Job

Genuine Leonard Valve Product.

Order minimum must be $125 to ship from the factory.
Must meet requirements to ship from factory. Items that ship from the Leonard factory ship within a week and a half to two weeks from order date except when purchasing a special order item. Special order shipping times vary in delivery times.

**Freight charges will apply for all Complete Valve Systems**
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