Leonard SW-75-1572-HDHR-50HDH-N2 Manual Blender for Waste Water

Inlets 3/4''
Outlet 3/4''
Weight (pounds) 71

N2- Standard Hose Nozzle
SC- Spring Clip
HDHR-Heavy Duty Hose Rack, welded construction, ¼”saddle, 1/8” stainless steel face and backplate.
50 HDH-Heavy Duty Hose, fifty feet, ¾” EDPM creamcolor cover, high temperature resistant.
80 PSI (5.5 bar) maximum operating steam pressure.
125 PSI (8.5 bar) maximum operating water pressure. .
OSHA approved safety sign.

Manual Blender for Waste Water Treatment

• Volume control/shutoff with heat resistant handle (RED).
• ¾'' IPS water inlet, ¾'' IPS water outlet.
• Special bracket for wall mounting.
• Hose connection.
• Rough finish.
• Maximum operating pressure: 125 PSI (8.5 Bar)

Genuine Leonard Valve Product.

Order minimum must be $125 to ship from the factory.
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