Mifab C1300 Series Scoriated Floor Access Covers

MIFAB-C1300 Series

MIFAB C1300-____ (select model number): C1300-R for round scoriated, C1300-S for square scoriated access cover with frame (specify material) anchor lugs and vandal resistant stainless steel allen key screws.

Used in finished floors to provide emergency access to plumbing lines for removal of blockages. Scoriated cover provides a non-skid surface. Anchor tabs provide a means to secure frame to the sub floor.

-1 Nickel bronze cover and frame
-4 Ductile iron cover and frame (9” x 9” and 12” x 12” only)
-6 Security screws (TR25 Torx & pin)
-95 Acid resistant epoxy coated body
ARRA ARRA (Stimulus Act) compliant product
-BA Buy American Act compliant product
-PA Pennsylvania Steel Act compliant product

**Additional Freight Required on all Drain Shipments**
None available