Mifab C1440-RD Expand Line Cleanout Rnd Stainless Steel Smooth Access Cover

MIFAB-C1440-RD Series

MIFAB Series C1440-RD (select model number with required plug pipe size) expandable line cleanout plug with tapping and round, smooth stainless steel access cover (specify diameter) with 3 ½” long anchor screw.

Typically installed on an opening in the finished wall so that it is proud of the wall or ceiling. Cleanout is to provide emergency access to the plumbing lines for removal of blockage. Smooth cover is ideal for wall installations. Plug will expand into pipe opening as tightened. Tapping in plug can receive bolt from wall cleanout plate.

-6 Security screw (H-1086A)
-87 Screw longer than 3 ½”
-95 Client logo
-ARRA ARRA (Stimulus Act) compliant product
-BA Buy American Act compliant product
-PA Pennsylvania Steel Act compliant product

**Additional Freight Required on all Drain Shipments**
None available