Mifab Series C1450 Line Cleanout

MIFAB-C1450 Series

MIFAB Series C1450 (select model number with body material type) line cleanout plug with blind tapping.

Typically used in drainage pipe where a cleanout is required. Plug will fit into pipe opening and is available in either cast iron, PVC, ABS or nickel bronze material to suit the pipe material. Tapping in plug can receive bolt from cleanout plate.

-1 Nickel bronze body and cover
-4 Ductile iron cover and cast iron body
-6 Security screws (TR25 Torx & pin)
-30 PVC socket connection body and ductile iron cover
-31 ABS socket connection body and ductile iron cover
-95 Client logo
-ARRA ARRA (Stimulus Act) compliant product
-BA Buy American Act compliant product
-PA Pennsylvania Steel Act compliant product

**Additional Freight Required on all Drain Shipments**
None available