Mifab C1460-S Cast Iron Stack Cleanout Plug & Square Nickel Bronze Wall Cover

MIFAB-C1460-S Series

MIFAB Series C1460-S (select model number) lacquered cast iron cleanout with large access area, tapered thread plug and square (specify cover size, either 7” x 7” or 9” x 9”), smooth nickel bronze access panel with allen key screws and anchor frame with mounting lugs.

Typically installed flush into walls during wall construction to cover and access cleanout plugs installed within the drainage vertical pipe where a cleanout is required. Cleanout plug is secured to pipe with no hub couplings from others. Recessed head has square sized slot to receive tool for plug removal. The square access panel design is ideal to adapt with adjacent walls, floors and ceilings that are finished with a straight line design. Anchor tabs provide a means to secure cover to wall structure.

-3 Stainless steel strainer and cleanout top
-6 Security screws (TR25 Torx & pin)
-ARRA ARRA (Stimulus Act) compliant product
-BA Buy American Act compliant product
-PA Pennsylvania Steel Act compliant product

**Additional Freight Required on all Drain Shipments**
None available