Mifab MHY-50 Hydrants

Mifab - MHY-50
MIFAB® Series MHY-50 self draining moderate climate narrow wall hydrant with A.S.S.E. 1011 certified anti-siphon vandal resistant vacuum breaker. Operating key furnished with each hydrant.

Recommended Wall Opening:
2'' x 3 7/8'' (51 x 98 mm)

Designed for commercial applications in moderate climate areas to fit within a 4'' (102) wall.

Internal Components - Hardened bronze operating stem and one piece neoprene plunger.

Vacuum Breaker - Unique self draining vandal resistant integral vacuum breaker protects from anti-siphon conditions.

Face Plate - Polished chrome plated.

Water Supply Connection - Swivel 360┬║ to any position.

Approvals - MHY-50 wall hydrant is listed with I.A.P.M.O. and manufactured with an anti-siphon vacuum breaker that is tested and certified to the A.S.S.E. Standard 1011.

-0 1" (25) Hose connection
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