Mifab MHY-60 Hydrants

Mifab - MHY-60
MIFABĀ® Series MHY-60 A.S.S.E. 1019-B certified self draining non-freeze lawn/ground hydrant with A.S.S.E. 1011 approved anti-siphon and vandal resistant integral vacuum breaker with a 3/4'' (19) male hose connection. Hydrant assembly complete with one piece neoprene plunger to control both the flow and drain functions hardened bronze operating stem drain port under the hexagon nut heavy duty galvanized steel pipe heavy duty chrome plated bronze head casting polished chrome plated face plate and satin finished nickel bronze box with hinged locking cover. Operating key furnished with each hydrant opens the hydrant box and prevents unauthorized use. Hydrant inlet connection complete with drain port tapped for 1/8'' (3) NPT.

Recommended Wall Opening:
5 1/4'' x 6 1/4'' (133 x 159 mm)

Swivel Inlet Connection:
3/4'' Female 1'' Male IPS combination

Lawn/ground hydrants are installed flush with surrounding surfaces and are intended for use on golf courses shopping centers parks and landscaped areas around buildings.

Internal Components - Hardened bronze operating stem and one piece neoprene plunger.

Vacuum Breaker - Unique self draining vandal resistant integral vacuum breaker protects from anti-siphon conditions.

Casing - Heavy duty galvanized steel pipe.

Approvals - MHY-60 Series wall hydrant is tested and certified to the A.S.S.E. Standard 1019-B and listed by I.A.P.M.O. The anti- siphon vacuum breaker is tested and certified to the A.S.S.E. Standard 1011 and listed by I.A.P.M.O.

-0 1 (25) Hose connection
-3.....Cast stainless steel hydrant box
-9 1/4 (6) drain port in box
-10 3/8 (9) drain port in box
-11 1/2 (13) drain port in box
-49 Polished chrome plated nickel bronze box
-BA Buy American Act compliant product
-FL Anchor flange
-FLM.. Anchor flange and membrane clamp
-HSB.. Hose storage box (fabricated steel)
-K Cylinder key lock

*Oversized Hydrants which require a pallet for shipping have an additional freight charge.
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