Mifab P2080 8''x8'' Stainless Steel Floor Drain

MIFABĀ® Series P2080, 8'' x 8'' floor drain manufactured out of 16 gauge, Type 304 stainless steel with anchor tabs and slotted, Load Class ''A'' Light duty stainless steel ADA compliant grate. Free area of 26 square inches.

2'', 3'', or 4'' no hub outlet connections

Suffix OptionsDescriptionSuffix OptionsDescription
-CMembrane Clamp (Two Pieces)-RSCRounded inside Bottom Corners
-F4-34'' Round Stainless Steel Funnel -SGCSolid, gasketed cover with removable pull ring
-FLAnchor Flange-SHPSlotted "Heel Proof" Grate (less than 1/4'' wide slots)
-G-34'' x 9'' Oval Stainless Steel Funnel-SO Put 2, 3, 4 or 6 in the last of the four digits of the model
# to indicate the side outlet connection size and add
suffix -SO. Example P2084-SO for a 4'' side outlet.
-LCBLoad Class ''B'', Medium Duty Grate
(2,000 - 4,999 lbs.)
-TThreaded outlet
-LCCLoad Class ''C'', Heavy Duty Grate
(5,000 - 7,499 lbs.)
-XInside caulk outlet
-LCDLoad Class ''D'', Extra Heavy Duty Grate
(7,500 - 10,000 lbs.)
-5Sediment Bucket
-LCELoad Class ''E'', Special Duty Grate
(over 10,000 lbs.)
-6Vandal Resistant Grate
-NSSlip Resistant Grate (Non slip grit finish)-7Trap Seal Primer Tapping (1/2'')
-PPush on Outlet-7MGMI-GARD trap seal protection device (available for 2'',
3'', & 4'' outlet connections.)
-PDSolid cover with perimeter drainage slot-9Hinged Grate
-PBPerforated Grate (1/4'' diameter holes)-21Secondary Strainer (in outlet)
-PHPPerforated "Heel Proof Grate"
(less than 1/4'' diameter perforations)
None available