Mifab P5000 Stainless Steel Kettle Drain

MIFAB® Series P5000, kettle drain manufactured out of 16 gauge, Type 304 stainless steel with anchor tabs and slotted Load Class "A" Light duty stainless steel ADA compliant grates. The grate slot size is 5/16'' x 1 ¼''. Bottom outlets are centered and available in 2'', 3'', 4'' or 6'' no hub outlet connections (specify outlet size) and fabricated as part of the drain. Also available with an optional anchor flange flange (Suffix -FL) and B, or C load rated grates.

Used in kitchen, restaurant and food processing areas for placement under or within close proximity to the kettles that they will serve. A variety of grate designs are available for the various applications or locations in the cooking area. Type 304 stainless steel construction provides for ease of cleaning, maintenance and sanitary installation. All grate openings are polished to a smooth finish
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