Mifab P9000 2-7/8'' Wide Stainless Steel Linear Shower Drain w Square Hole Grate Pattern

MIFABĀ® Series P9000, 2 7/8" wide, 1 1/16" deep Type 304 (CF8) fabricated stainless steel linear shower drain. Complete with vertically adjustable top assembly and frame and 2" cast iron no hub center outlet connection with anchor flange and membrane clamp and light-duty satin finished stainless steel grate with square hole pattern.

Designed for installation in shower areas where a minimum of 2" (51) concrete pour is required. The drain can be adjusted upward to accommodate an additional 1" in height. The P9000 eliminates the need to slope the finished flooring in multiple directions. This allows the drainage of a larger floor surface area than typical shower drains. The floor can be pitched in one direction toward the linear shower drain. Type 304 construction provides corrosion resistance, durability and low maintenance.
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