Woodford Model 122 & V122 Hot & Cold Residential Wall Faucet

Mild Climate Hot & Cold Wall Faucet Model 122/V122
This unit offers anti-siphon protection.
The Woodford Model 122 and V122 are designed to provide hot and cold water service in mild climate areas on exteriors or interiors of residential structures where freezing is not expected. Separate hot and cold inlets and operating handles allow for manually operated water temperature control. These faucets are intended for irrigation purposes.

  • Outside hot/warm water cleaning
  • Washing the car
  • Sanitary clean-up
  • Pet care

    Available in two models: -Model 122 Horizontal Mount - Rough Brass
    -Model V122 Vertical Mount - Rough Brass
    *Both models fit within a 2 X 4 wall.

    -ASSE 1019-Type C Listed
    -Anti-siphon protection with integral check valve and atmospheric vent
    -Eliminates the need for an add-on vacuum breaker
    -Choose from five inlet options
    -(2) Oval, powder coated, die-cast aluminum handles - Standard

  • 3/4 Inch male hose nozzle
  • EPDM packing with adjustable packing nut
  • 5 Inlet options
  • No lead solder on all solder joints
  • Standard -O- size seat washer
  • Powder coated die cast aluminum oval handles
  • Max. Pressure - 125 p.s.i.
  • Max. Water Temperature - 120° F
  • Shipping weight: (Shipped in individual cartons)
  • Model 122: 2 lbs - 13 oz
  • Model V122: 2 lbs - 14 oz
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