Woodford Model 70 - Commercial Wall Hydrant

Woodford Freezeless Wall Hydrants Model 70
This unit provides no anti-siphon or backflow protection.

The Model 70 is a frost proof wall hydrant with recessed head. The hydrant is designed for irrigation purposes to blend with modern architecture for installation on schools, office buildings, churches, apartments, motels, stores, shopping centers and industrial buildings.

  • VALVE SEAT - Permanent type brass valve body with hemispherical seating surface.
  • STEM -Hardened stainless steel stem resists damage.
  • PACKING - EPDM rubber with adjustable packing nut.
  • OPERATING ROD - 3/8 solid brass
  • OPERATION - Tamper resistant removable tee key.
  • CASING - 1 galvanized steel pipe
  • HOSE NOZZLE - 3/4 male hose thread - Optional 1 hose thread
  • INLETS - As shown at right.
  • MAX PRESSURE - 125 p.s.i.

    Specify as follows: Wall hydrant shall be recessed type Woodford Model 70. ¾ Inches hose thread nozzle. Hardened stainless steel operating stem. Packing nut secured with lock nut. Permanent type valve body with large hemispherical seating surface. Exterior finish to be Chrome Plated (options: Polished Brass or Rough Brass). Loose tee key to be furnished with each hydrant. Wall thickness to be ________ inches.
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