Woodford Model 74 Mild Climate Commercial Hydrant

Anti-Siphon Close Coupled Wall Hydrants Model 74/B74/RB74
The Model 74, B74, and RB74 are anti-siphon protected wall hydrants designed for irrigation purposes in mild climate areas or within temperature controlled malls and plazas.

  • VACUUM BREAKER - ANTI-SIPHON - NIDEL Model 34HF with ¾ inch male hose thread, approved under ASSE Standard 1011, Canadian Standards Association and listed by IAPMO.
  • VALVE SEAT - Permanent type brass valve body with hemispherical seating surface.
  • NO LEAD SOLDER - All solder joints.
  • STEM - Hardened stainless steel stem resists damage.
  • PACKING - EPDM rubber with adjustable packing nut.
  • TEE KEY - Loose key operates hydrant.
  • INLETS - As shown.
  • MAX PRESSURE - 125 p.s.i.
  • SHIPPING WEIGHT - Model 74: 3.1 lbs. Model B74: 11.1 lbs. Model RB74: 7.9 lbs.

    Model 74 Exterior Finish: Standard - Chrome (CH), Optional - Brass (BR), and Polished Brass (PB)
    Model B74 Square Box & Door - Optional: Flat Door (F), Exterior Finish: Standard - Chrome (CH), Optional - Brass (BR), Polished Brass (PB)
    Model RB74 Optional Round Box & Door Exterior Finish: Standard - Chrome (CH) Install through 6 Inch diameter hole.

    Specify as follows: Wall hydrant shall be Woodford Model 74 (exposed type), B74 or RB74 (concealed box type), with anti-siphon vacuum breaker listed by ASSE, CSA and IAPMO. ¾ Inch inlet and outlet (specify type of inlet). Hardened stainless steel operating stem. Packing nut secured with lock nut. Permanent type valve body with large hemispherical seating surface. Exterior finish to be Chrome Plated (options: Polished Brass or Rough Brass). Loose tee key to be furnished with each hydrant.
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