Woodford Model 75 Mild Climate Commercial Hydrant

Anti-Siphon Close Coupled Trimline Wall Hydrants Model 75/B75/RB75
360 Degree Swivel Inlet
The Model 75 and B75 are anti-siphon wall hydrants designed for irrigation purposes in mild climate areas or within temperature controlled buildings. The Model 75 is only 2-5/8 inches deep and fits inside a stud wall. The B75 fits inside a 4inch wall.

  • VACUUM BREAKER - ANTI-SIPHON - NIDEL Model 34HF with ¾ inch male hose thread, approved under ASSE Standard 1011, Canadian Standards Association and listed by IAPMO.
  • VALVE SEAT - Permanent type brass valve body with hemispherical seating surface.
  • STEM - Hardened stainless steel stem resists damage.
  • PACKING - EPDM rubber with adjustable packing nut..
  • TEE KEY - Loose key operates hydrant.
  • INLET - ¾ inch female pipe thread. Inlet swivels 360° to any position.
  • MAX PRESSURE - 125 p.s.i.
  • OPTIONS - RK Bracket Kit
  • SHIPPING WEIGHT - Model 75: 3.1 lbs.
  • Model B75: 10.2 lbs.
  • Model RB75: 7.9 lbs.

    Specify as follows: Wall hydrant shall be Woodford Model 75 (exposed type) or B75 (concealed box type), with anti-siphon vacuum breaker listed by ASSE, CSA and IAPMO. ¾ Inch inlet and outlet. 360° inlet orientation. Hardened stainless steel operating stem. Packing nut secured with lock nut. Permanent type valve body with large hemispherical seating surface. Exterior finish to be Chrome Plated (options: Polished Brass or Rough Brass). Loose tee key to be furnished with each hydrant.

    Exterior Finish: Standard - Chrome (CH), Optional - Brass (BR) Polished Brass (PB), Square Box & Door - Optional: Flat Door (F), Optional Round Box & Door Exterior Finish: Standard - Chrome (CH) Install through 6 Inch diameter hole.