Woodford MB24, MB26, & MB24BX -Mild Climate Commercial Wall Faucets

Mild Climate Wall Faucets Modular Box MB24 & MB26The Model MB24 & MB26 Modular Box systems are designed to securely contain a Woodford Model 24 or 26 wall faucet in mild climate area commercial buildings. The MB24 includes a light weight, high impact, composite box that is stubbed out of a frame or masonry wall. After the wall is finished, a heavy 14 gauge stainless steel door and fascia assembly is screwed into the box to create a durable, secure access and an attractive front.

Two lock styles are available:
  • Loose Tee Key (requires a furnished Tee Key to engage a recessed square lock stem to operate)
  • Key Cylinder Lock (with (2) keys).

    Complete the Modular Box system by choosing a reliable Woodford Model 24P or 26P with either ½? or ¾? NPT inlet options. These faucets are intended for irrigation purposes in mild climate areas.

    Model 24P-½ or 24P-¾
  • NIDEL® Model 34HF Anti Siphon Vacuum Breaker
  • ¾? male hose thread
  • ASSE Standard 1011 approved
  • Listed by IAPMO
  • Canadian Standards Association
  • No spray back

    Model 26P-½ or 26P-¾
  • 50HF Backflow Preventer Pat. Pend.
  • ASSE 1052 Approved
  • Listed by IAPMO
  • Field Testable
  • Two Independent Check Valves
  • Drains automatically when hose is removed.
  • No spray back.
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