Woodford Model S3 Hydrant

Woodford Backflow Protected Automatic Draining Freezeless Sanitary Yard Hydrant Model S3
The Model S3 hydrant is designed for use anywhere potable water is required.

Unlike conventional hydrants which drain the water into the ground, the Model S3 employs a reservoir below frost line to contain the water. The hydrant is completely sealed to prevent surface and ground water from entering reservoir or service line. The valve, with it's unique venturi design, removes the stored water along with the water being used. The Model S3 is equipped with a diverter spout, which allows the hydrant to be operated independently from the backflow preventer. When the hydrant is to be used with a hose, the diverter sleeve is pulled down during flow and water is automatically diverted to the backflow preventer hose connection. The diverter will work with or without a hose attached to the backflow preventer and will automatically release any time the hydrant is shut off. An important feature of the S3 is easy maintenance. The entire working portion of the hydrant can be removed from the reservoir without any excavation.

  • NIDEL® Model 37HF
  • ASSE 1052
  • Field Testable (see instruction sheet)
  • Two Check Valves
  • OPTIONAL: ASSE 1057 listed - Consists of NIDEL® Model 34HF Single Check Vacuum Breaker
  • Order example: S3-Bury Depth-SC
  • MIN PRESSURE - 20 psi
  • MAX PRESSURE - 100 psi

    Freezeless, Low Lead, Sanitary Yard Hydrants are designed to produce immediate water flow in sub-zero temperatures.
    -Specify for use in public areas such as camp grounds and parks or any location where low lead hydrants are required.
    -Hydrants are completely sealed to prevent ground water from entering the reservoir or service line.
    - Diverter spout allows independent water flow when hose is attached to backflow preventer.