Zurn Z103-45 15in Diameter Deep Sump 45 Degree Outlet Roof Drain w Low Silhouette Dome

ZURN Z103-45
15 [381] Diameter dual outlet roof drain with 45° primary outlet connection. Dura-Coated cast iron deep sump body with combination membrane flashing clamp/gravel guard, overflow pipe (3,4,6 [76,102,152]) and low silhoutte cast iron dome.

15" diameter deep sump dual outlet drain with 45 degree outlet
Connections for both primary and secondary piping
Standard 6" tall overflow pipe
Reduces number of roof drains by combining primary and secondary drains into one drain

OPTIONS (specify appropriate options)
Options will incur additional cost

Pipe size 3" 4" and 6"

OUTLET (Specify size/type)
NH No-Hub

Z D.C.C.I. Body w/ Cast Iron Dome*
ZRB D.C.C.I. Body w/ Plain Bronze Dome

-AR Acid Resistant Epoxy Coated Finish
-BS Bronze Mesh Screen Over Dome
-C Underdeck Clamp
-DP Top-Set® Deck Plate
-DU Cast Iron Dome on Overflow Pipe
-E Static Extension 1 [25] thru 4 [102] (Specify Ht)
-G Galvanized Cast Iron
-GD Galvanized Cast Iron Dome
-MS Perforated Screen on Overflow Pipe
-SS Stainless Mesh Screen over Dome
-VP Vandal-Proof Secured Top
-2OF 2 [51] High Overflow Pipe
-84 Stainless Steel perforated Gravel Guard
None available