Zurn Z104 15in Diameter Deep Sump Roof Drain

15 [381] Diameter roof drain. Dura-Coated cast iron deep sump body with combination membrane flashing clamp/gravel guard and low silhouette Poly-Dome.

Deep sump roof drain
With clamping collar and low silhouette poly-dome

OPTIONS (specify appropriate options)
Options will incur additional cost

Pipe size 3" 4" 6" and 8"

OUTLET (Specify size/type)
IC Inside Caulk
NH No-Hub
NL Neo-Loc

Z D.C.C.I. Body with Poly-Dome*
ZA D.C.C.I. Body with 6 3/4 [171] High Aluminum Dome
ZC D.C.C.I. Body with Cast Iron Dome
ZRB D.C.C.I. Body with Plain Bronze Dome

-AC Angular Underdeck Clamp
-AR Acid Resistant Epoxy Coated Finish
-AW 3/4 [19] to 4 [102] Adjustable Water Level Regulator (Specify Ht.) (ZC only)
-BS Bronze Mesh Screen Over Dome
-C Underdeck Clamp
-DX Dex-o-tex Flange
-E Static Extension 1 [25] thru 4 [102] (Specify Ht)
-EA Adjustable Extension Assembly 2 1/8 [54] thru 3 1/2 [89]
-FG Flush Grate (Replaces Dome Strainer)
-G Galvanized Cast Iron
-GD Galvanized Cast Iron Dome (ZC Only)
-R Roof Sump Receiver
-SC Secondary Clamp Collar
-SS Stainless Steel Mesh Screen Over Dome
-VP Vandal-Proof Secured Top
-W2 2 [51] Internal Water Dam
-W3 3 [76] Internal Water Dam
-W4 4 [102] Internal Water Dam
-84 Stainless Steel Perforated Gravel Guard
-85 Stainless Steel Perforated Extension
-89 2 [51] High External Water Dam