Zurn Z1171 Low Profile Grease Interceptor

Zurn Z1171 Low Profile Grease Interceptor. Low profile to fit under sink or counters. Sizes 500-800 PDI certified.

ZURN Z1171 Acid Resistant Coated interior and exterior fabricated steel low type grease interceptor, PDI rated at ____ GPM and ____ Lbs. grease capacity, with internal air relief by-pass, bronze cleanout plug, removable pressure equalizing/flow diffusing inlet baffle, fixed bottom outlet baffle, and visible double wall trap seal. Gasketed non-skid secured cover, complete with center tie down assembly and Z1108 flow control fitting. Regularly furnished with 3 [76] low inlet and outlet.*

SIZES AVAILABLE: 500, 700, & 800

Z Acid Resistant Coated Fabricated Steel*
ZS All Type 304 Fabricated Stainless Steel

SUFFIXES (Available at an additional cost.)
-L Angle Type (Z1108-L) Flow Control Device with Plunger.
-PW Plug Wrench

Caution: Installations using indirect piping to unit could result in standing water in floor sink or flooding if line blockage occurs.

Additional freight charges apply for all Interceptors.