Zurn Z1176 Hair Interceptor

ZURN Z1176 Hair Interceptor
ZURN Z1176 Dura-Coated cast iron hair and solids interceptor, in lieu of fixture 'P' trap, with 1-1/2'' slip joint elbow inlet and 1-1/2'' threaded swivel elbow top outlet, perforated stainless steel basket removable from bottom, with flanged and gasketed cleanout cover with raised hex head. Perforation size is 1/8.

Pipe Size 1-1/2'' Inch
Outlet Threaded
Material Z         D.C.C.I. Dura Coated Cast Iron
ZAB   All Satin Finish
Suffix Options -CP   Chrome Plated Finish Interior and Exterior (ZAB Only)
-YR   Replacement Stainless Steel Basket

**Additional Freight Required on all Interceptor Shipments**