Zurn Z1183-DF Solids Interceptor w Disposable Filter Bags

Zurn Z11830-DF
Solids Interceptor w Disposable Filter Bags. ZURN Z1183-DF Acid resistant coated fabricated steel, or stainless steel, solids interceptor, for on floor or semi-recessed installation with replaceable filter bags, retainer plate, latched lid, and removable sediment basket. Size to be used with corresponding Z1170 grease Interceptor.

Sized to be used with corresponding Z1170, 1172, or 1174
Disposable filter bags
Removable basket

Additional freight charges apply for all Interceptors.

OPTIONS (Check/specify appropriate options)
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Sizes 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, and 900

Z Acid Resistant Coated Fabricated Steel*
ZS All Type 304 Fabricated Stainless Steel

-XB Extra Solids Interceptor Basket.
-XF Extra Supply of 30 Solids Filter Bags.

CAUTION: Solids interceptor must be maintained periodically in order to ensure proper operation of the system. Cleaning schedule based on usage.