Zurn Z1184 Bottom Access Solids Interceptor

ZURN Z1184
Bottom access acid resistant composite interceptor, in lieu of fixture 'P' trap, for suspended installation, with removable PVC sediment bucket having a removable 3/32 [2] dia. perforated flow defusing/intercepting PVC screen, designed to intercept all types of solids, and precious metals. With bottom access gasketed secured cover, stainless steel draw latches and hardware with an ABS combination handle and drain port plug for easy removal of sediment bucket and screen. Regularly furnished with 2 [51] threaded low inlet and high outle

Inverted composite trap body for bottom access
Used in lieu of P-trap
Custom screen sizes available

Additional freight charges apply for all Interceptors.

OPTIONS (Check/specify appropriate options)
Options will incur additional cost

Z Acid Resistant Composite*
ZA Acid Resistant Coated Fabricated Steel (Design different than what is shown).

-CS Custom Screens (Specify Material And Perforation Size Required)
-RS Replacement 3/32 [2] Dia Perforated Screen For Bucket
-SS Stainless Steel 3/32 [2] Dia Perforated Screen For Bucket
-Y Replacement Bucket Assembly With 3/32 [2] Dia Perforated Screen
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