Zurn Z1187-SI Sand Interceptor

Zurn Z1187-SI
Sand Interceptor Acid Resistant Coated interior and exterior fabricated steel sand interceptor with threaded inlet and outlet, complete with removable heavy-duty grates.

100% steel construction coated with acid resistant epoxy
Heavy-duty removable grates

Additional freight charges apply for all Interceptors.

OPTIONS (Check/specify appropriate options)
Options will incur additional cost

Sizes 20, 50, 150, 250, and 500

Z Acid Resistant Coated Fabricated Steel*

-E Integral Extension Assembly (Specify extension height)
-DG Duresist Grate
-K Anchor Flange 1-3/4 [44] down from top and 2 [51] wide.
       No extension required to accommodate -K option.
-KC Anchor Flange 1-3/4 [44] down from top and 2 [51] wide with clamp collar.
       No extension required toaccommodate -KC option.
-NH No-Hub Inlet and Outlet (Z1040)
-SC Heavy-Duty Reinforced Cover(s) rated at 10,000 lbs. [4536 Kg.]
       maximum safe live load.
-VP Vandal-Proof Screws