Zurn Z1192 Grease Recovery Appliance

Zurn Z1192
Grease Recovery ApplianceType 304 #12 gage stainless steel grease recovery appliance, rated at ____ GPM and ____ Lbs. grease capacity, with sensor controlled grease draw off valve, audible alarm when maximum grease capacity is reached, industrial grade control logic, integral heating element(s), separate digital display and electronics wired with 15 ft. [4.57m] of cable as separate enclosures, internal air relief by-pass, cleanout plug, visible double wall trap seal, and removable combination pressure equalizing/flow diffusing baffle, with grease containing enclosure on left side when facing inlet as standard. Gasketed stainless steel secured covers. Complete with Z1108 flow control fitting, discharge hose, automatically sealing coupler, and grease reservoir. Also includes a fabricated stainless steel solids interceptor with lift out basket, replaceable filter bags, retainer plate and easy to remove cover. 220 VAC 40 Amp single phase. G.F.C.I. breaker (furnished by others). Must be installed to local codes where applicable

Electronic grease recovery appliance
Stainless steel construction
Removable grease collection bags

Additional freight charges apply for all Interceptors.

OPTIONS (Check/specify appropriate options)
Options will incur additional cost

Sizes 400, 500, 600, 700, and 800

Z Type 304 #12 Gage Stainless Steel

-C30 Cable length of 30 ft. [9.14m] for digital display
-C45 Cable length of 45 ft. [13.71m] for digital display
-L Angle type (Z1108-L) flow control device
-PW Plug wrench
-RC Replacement Draw-Off Universal Coupling
-RH Grease containing enclosure on right side when facing inlet
-SI Solids interceptor only (specify required size)
-XB Extra solids interceptor sediment basket.
-XF Extra supply of 30 solids filter bags
-XG Extra supply of 30 grease containment bags

CAUTION: Solids Interceptor must be maintained on a daily basis. The Z1192 must be cleaned periodically in order to ensure proper operation of the system. Cleaning schedule based on usage.
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