Zurn Z1199 Auto Draw-Off Grease Interceptor

Zurn Z1199
Auto Draw-Off Grease Interceptor All type 304 stainless steel grease interceptor, rated at ____ GPM and ____ Lbs. grease capacity, with automatic grease drawoff, 120V AC heater bronze cleanout plug, removable pressure equalizing/flow diffusing inlet baffle, fixed bottom sediment baffle, and visible double wall trap seal. Gasketed non-skid secured cover and Z1108 flow control fitting. Regularly furnished with a high inlet and outlet connection. Note: Location of inlet and outlet from bottom of interceptor cannot be changed.

All stainless steel grease interceptor
Auto draw off with heating element

Additional freight charges apply for all Interceptors.

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Sizes 400 and 800

Z All Type 304 Fabricated Stainless Steel*

-AL Aluminum Cover
-L Angle type (Z1108-L) flow control device with plunger.
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