Zurn Z1320-C Ecolotrol Wall Hydrant 6"-24"

Z1320-C Encased Ecolotrol, anti-siphon, automatic draining, non-freezing wall hydrant complete with inegral backflow preventer, copper casing, all bronze interior parts, non-turning operating rod with free-floating compression closure valve, and combination 3/4 female solder and 3/4 male pipe thread inlet connection standard. Regularly furnished with 3/4 hose connection. Chrome-plated rough cast bronze box and hinged cover. Includes operating key.

Prices reflect the standard 3/4" hose connection and standard models. Other specifications (below) are available, but vary in price. Please call for pricing.

Suffix Options Available
-CL Cylinder Lock
-NB Polished Nickel Bronze Face
-PB Polished Bronze Face
-SS Stainless Steel Box
-WC Wall Clamp
-34FIP 3/4" Straight Female Inlet Adapter
-34EL 3/4" IP 90 Degree Solder Inlet Elbow
Items in Zurn Z1320-C Ecolotrol Wall Hydrant 6"-24"
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