Zurn Z1332-EZ 8" Ecolotrol Wall Hydrant

ZURN Z1332-EZ Encased Ecolotrol "anti-siphon" moderate climate/interior wall hydrant. For flush installation in 6 [152] dia. cored hole concrete wall. Complete with integral backflow preventer, all bronze interior parts with 1/2 turn ceramic disc cartridge and combination 3/4 [19] female solder and 3/4 [19] male pipe thread inlet. Stainless steel large flange box and hinged cover with operating key lock and "WATER" stamped on cover.

Suffix Options Available
-CL Cylinder Lock
-RT12 Ceramic Cartridge Removal Tool (Up to 12" Wall)
-8 8" Diameter Cored Hole
-34FIP 3/4" Straight Female Inlet Adapter
-34EL 3/4" IP 90 Degree Solder Inlet Elbow
Items in Zurn Z1332-EZ 8" Ecolotrol Wall Hydrant
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