Zurn Z1345 4"-14" Ecolotrol Wall Hydrant

Zurn Z1345 Wall Faucet . Exposed non-freeze anti-siphon automatic draining wall faucet completewith exterior chrome finish, brass casing, all bronze interior parts, anti-siphon integral vacuum breaker, operating rod with free-floating compression closure valve, wall support, and replaceable seat washer.

Wall faucet with integral vacuum breaker. Ideal for gas stations, convenience stores, strip malls, churches, and other light commercial applications.

Inlet Connections Available:
1. Z1345-# Series: 1/2" female solder x 1/2" male IP.
1. Z1345-#-PX Series: 1/2" PEX tube fitting.
3. Z1345-#-CP3 Series: 3/4" male pipe thread x 3/4" female sweat. (Available, but not offered on website, call for pricing.)