Zurn Z1350 4" Ecolotrol Wall Hydrant

ZURN Z1350 Encased moderate climate wall hydrant for narrow wall installation. Complete with bronze body, all bronze interior parts, replaceable seat washer, screwdriver operated stop valve in supply, key operated control valve, and 3/4 [19] IP female inlet and 3/4 [19] male hose connection standard. Adjustable stainless steel box furnished with hinged cover, cylinder lock and "WATER" stamped on cover.

Prices reflect the standard 3/4" hose connection and standard models. Other specifications (below) are available, but vary in price. Please call for pricing.

Suffix Options Available
-VB Vacuum Breaker
-34EL 3/4" IP 90 Degree Solder Inlet Elbow
-34FS 3/4" Solder Female Inlet Adapter