Zurn Z1365 Ground Hydrant 2'-8' Bury Depth

Zurn Z1365 Ground Hydrant ZURN Z1365 Encased, non-freeze ground hydrant for flush with grade or finished floor installation. Complete with galvanized steel casing, all bronze interior parts, bronze seat and replaceable seat washer, and non-turning operating rod with free-floating compression closure valve with 1-1/4 [32],1-1/2 [38] or 2 [51] connection. Dura-Coated cast iron box and hinged scoriated cover with operating "T" handle key lock and "WATER" cast on cover. Hydrant is equipped with a tapped 1/4 [6] drain port in valve housing.

Prices reflect the standard 1-1/4" hose connection and standard models. Other specifications (below) are available, but vary in price. Please call for pricing.

Suffix Options Available
-BC Bronze Casing
-DP14 1/4" IP Drain Port in Box
-NB Polished Nickel Bronze Face
-PB Polished Bronze Face
-RB Plain Bronze Face
Items in Zurn Z1365 Ground Hydrant 2'-8' Bury Depth
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