Zurn Z1375 4" Ecolotrol Ground Hydrant

ZURN Z1375 Ground Hydrant. Encased, moderate climate ground hydrant for flush with grade or finished floor installation. Complete with all bronze interior parts, replaceable bronze seat and seat washer, and non-turning operating coupling with free-floating compression closure valve. Dura-Coated Cast Iron box and scoriated hinged cover with "WATER" cast on cover.

Prices reflect the standard 3/4" hose connection and standard models. Other specifications (below) are available, but vary in price. Please call for pricing.
*Additional freight charges apply for items that require oversized or palatized shipments.

Suffix Options Available
-DP14 1/4" IP Drain Port in Box
-HD Heavy-Duty Cover
-NB Polished Nickel Bronze Face
-PB Polished Bronze Face
-VB 3/4" Adapter Vacuum Breaker (Requires deeper box to accommodate vacuum breaker.)