Zurn Z1388XL Lead Free Roof Hydrant

ZURN Z1388XL Exposed, non-freeze roof hydrant, with Dura-Coated cast iron head and lift handle with lock option, bronze interior parts, galvanized steel casing, and bronze valve housing with 1/8 [3] IP drain port in housing. Complete with Dura-Coated cast iron roof support sleeve with wide anchoring flange and clamp.

Prices reflect the standard 3/4" hose connection and standard models. Other specifications (below) are available, but vary in price. Please call for pricing.

Suffix Options Available
-AC Aluminum Casing Guard
-VB 3/4" Adapter Vacuum Breaker **Non-freeze feature will not automatically function when vacuum breaker (-VB) suffix is specified. The vacuum breaker must be manually tripped to facilitate drainage of hydrant.
Items in Zurn Z1388XL Lead Free Roof Hydrant
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