Zurn Z1397 Post Hydrant 2'-8' Bury Depth

Zurn Z1397 Flo-Trol Yard Hydrant - Exposed Head, Non-Freeze ZURN Z1397 Exposed, non-freeze yard hydrant, with Dura-Coated cast iron head and lift handle with lock option. Slotted links provide adjustable, locking flow control. Complete with bronze interior parts and galvanized steel casing with bronze valve housing and 1/8 [3] IP drain port in housing. Notes: 'B' Diminsion based on outlet connection 30' above ground.

Prices reflect the standard 3/4" hose connection and standard models. Other specifications (below) are available, but vary in price. Please call for pricing.

Suffix Options Available
-AC Aluminum Casing Guard
-VB 3/4" Adapter Vacuum Breaker
Items in Zurn Z1397 Post Hydrant 2'-8' Bury Depth
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