Zurn Z1721 6" X 12" Open Sight Drip Drain

6 x 12 Open sight drip drain with Type 304* (CF8) stainless steel body and integral aluminum bottom dome strainer, all with plain finish. Corrosion resistant. Anchor flange with seepage holes and clamp collar option available. Type 316 stainless steel body option available.


OPTIONS (specify appropriate options)
Options will incur additional cost

Pipe sizes 3", 4" and 6"

Specify size/type) OUTLET
BW-- But-weld(Specify Schedule 10,40 or 80)
IC-- Inside Caulk
IP-- Threaded

Z Type 304 (CF8) Stainless Steel Body*
ZM Type 316 (CF8M) Stainless Steel Body

-DB Stainless Steel Dome Bottom Strainer
-FG Flush Grate
-K Anchor Flange
-KC Anchor Flange with Seepage Holes and Clamp Collar
-30 Bronze Closure Plug
-31 Plastic Closure Plug
-33 Type 304 Stainless Steel Closure Plug
-34 Bronze Closure Plug with 3/4 [19] Test Plug
Items in Zurn Z1721 6" X 12" Open Sight Drip Drain