Zurn Z1731 Floor Drain Medium Depth

Zurn Z1731 9 Diameter All Type 304 (CF8) stainless steel heavy-duty floor drain with integral anchor flange, and loose-set grate with plain finish.
Corrosion resistant. Heavy-duty floor drain. Type 316 stainless steel body option available. Clamp collar with seepage holes option available.
OPTIONS (specify appropriate options) Options will incur additional cost.

Pipe Sizes: 2", 3", & 4"
Outlet NH No-Hub
IC Inside Caulk
IP Threaded
BW Butt-Weld (Specify Sch. 10, 40 or 80)
Material Z Type 304 (CF8) Stainless Steel Body and Top Assembly
ZM Type 316 (CF8M) Stainless Steel Body and Top Assembly
Suffix Options -K   Seepage Holes Only
-KC   Clamp Collar with Seepage Holes
-SC   Solid Secure Cover
-SF   Satin Finish Top
-TS   Top Secured with Slotted Screws
-VP   Vandal-Proof Secured Top
-Y   Sediment Bucket
-YM   Fabricated Mesh Bucket
-30   Bronze Closure Plug
-31   Plastic Closure Plug
-33   Type 304 Stainless Steel Closure Plug
-34   Bronze Closure lug with ¾ Test Plug
-90   90 Degree Butt-weld Side Outlet (3’’ & 4’’ Only)

**Additional Freight Required on all Drain Shipments**
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