Zurn Z1903 Sani-Flor Receptor Installation Stabilizer

ZURN Z1903
Sani-Flor Receptor Installation Stabilizer. #16 Gage galvanized steel plate with variable pipe opening, four support stud holes, and four nail holes.Complete with hardware bag containing four 3/8-16 x 12 [305] long studs and eight 3/8-16 flange locknuts, and cover plate with hole for standard 2"pipe size and perforated knockouts for 3" and 4" pipe connections. For use with Z1900, Z1901 and Z1902 Sani-Flor receptors.

Installation stabilizer for securing floor sink prior to concrete pour
Adapts to floor sink with anchor flange
Adjustable heights to compensate for a variety of concrete thicknesses

NOTE: Stabilizer plate may be used without cover plate for narrow floor applications where drain body will be recessed into stabilizer plate.

Pipe Sizes 2" 3" and 4"
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