Zurn Z1960 8in Diameter A.R.E. Sani-Flor Receptor 6in Sump Depth

ZURN Z1960
Sani-Flor Receptor 8 [203] Dia. x 6 [152] deep cast iron body and squared hole light-duty grate, with white acid resisting porcelain enamel interior and top, complete with white ABS anti-splash interior bottom dome strainer.

Acid resistant enamel coating provides chemical resistance
Light-duty cast iron grate
Rounded body prevents bacteria buildup
Anti-splash interior bottom dome strainer to catch debris

OPTIONS (specify appropriate options)
Options will incur additional cost

Pipe size 2 " 3" and 4"

OUTLET (Specify size/type)
IC Inside Caulk
NH No-Hub
NL Neo-Loc

Z Cast Iron Body with White A.R.E. Interior*
ZN Cast Iron Body with White A.R.E. Interior, 8-1/2 [216]
      Round N.B. Frame and Full Grate w/ 1/2 [13] Square Openings.

-K Anchor Flange
-KC Anchor Flange with Seepage Holes and Clamp Collar
-LD Less Bottom Dome Strainer
-P 1/2 [13] Trap Primer Connection (See Z1023)
-T Square Frame and Round Grate with 1/4 [6] Square Openings (ZN Only)
-TC Neo-Loc Test Cap Gasket (2 - 4 [51-102] NL Bottom Outlet Only)
-1 Less Grate
-2 1/2 Grate
-3 3/4 Grate
-4 Full Grate with Center Opening
-5 Grate w/ 4 [102] Dia. x 3-3/4 [95] High Funnel
-6 Grate w/ 6 [152] Dia. x 6 [152] High Funnel
-7 Grate w/ 6-3/4 x 3 x 1 [171 x 76 x 25] High Oval Funnel
-8 Grate w/ 8-7/8 x 3-5/8 x 3-3/4 [225 x 92 x 95] High Oval Funnel
-11 Vandal-Proof Secured Grate (ZN Only)
-12 Depressed Aluminum Grate (ZN Only)
-15 Solid Loose Set Cover
-16 1/2 Solid Loose Set Cover
-17 3/4 Solid Loose Set Cover
-18 Solid Loose Set Cover with Center Opening
-23 Aluminum Bucket
-25 White A.R.C. Bucket
-31 Stainless Steel Mesh Liner for Bucket
-32 Aluminum Dome Strainer
-33 White A.R.C. Anti-Splash Bottom Dome Strainer
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