Zurn Z400S Type S Square Strainer

"TYPE S" square adjustable, light-duty strainer top with secured heel-proof grate. (Specify ZB or ZN finish)

Available in polished bronze and nickel bronze
Designed for use with the versatile Z415 drainage system
Provides installation and rework savings with Zurn's patented contractor solutions

OPTIONS (specify appropriate options)
Options will incur additional cost

Strainer Sizes
-5S..... 5 X 5
-6S..... 6 X 6
-7S..... 7 X 7
-8S..... 8 X 8
-9S......9 X 9
-10S.. 10 X 10

ZB Polished Bronze Top
ZN Polished Nickel Bronze Top

-CP Chrome-Plated Bronze Top
-DC Debris Cover (Field Assembled)
-DP Decorative Polished Top
-EF 3/8 [10] Extension Frame
-HD Heavy Duty Slotted Grate (ZN 6 x 6 [152 x 152] Only with 4 [100] Shank )
-PD Prom-Deck Grate Decorative Slots ( 8 x 8 [203 x 203] Only)
-SG Solid Gasketed Cover (Will not function as a gas-tight cleanout cover)
-V Backwater Valve
-VP Vandal-Proof Secured Top
-Y Sediment Bucket
Items in Zurn Z400S Type S Square Strainer