Zurn Z532 12in Diameter Wide Flange Floor Drain

12 [305] Diameter wide flange floor drain, Dura-Coated cast iron body with bottom outlet, seepage pan and combination membrane flashing clamp and frame with latex troweling flange for heavy-duty slotted grate, with suspended sediment bucket

Dura-Coated cast iron body with cast iron, polished bronze, or polished nickel bronze top available
Provides installation and rework savings with Zurn's patented contractor solutions

OPTIONS (specify appropriate options)
Options will incur additional cost

Pipe sizes 2" 3" 4" 5" 6" 8" and 10"

OUTLET (Specify size/type)
IC Inside Caulk
IG Inside Gasket (Not Available in pipe size 5")
IP Threaded
NH No-Hub
NL Neo-Loc (Not Available in pipe sizes 5' 6" 8"10 ")

Z D.C.C.I. Body and Top*
ZB D.C.C.I. Body with Polished Bronze Top
ZN D.C.C.I. Body with Polished Nickel Bronze Top

-AR Acid Resistant Epoxy Coating
-C Underdeck Clamp
-DG Duresist Grate
-F Extension Frame (Specify Total Height Req'd.)
-G Galvanized Cast Iron
-HP Heel Proof Grate
-LY (Less) Sediment Bucket
-S Secondary Strainer
-SA Stabilizer Assembly (See Z1036)
-SS Stainless Mesh Liner for Bucket
-TC Neo-Loc Test Cap Gasket (2 [51]-4 [102] NL Bottom Outlet Only)
-TS Top Secured with Slotted Screws
-VP Vandal-Proof Secured Top
-WS Wide Slotted Grate (50 [323] Sq. In. Open Area)